Services - a little bit about what we do

  • Furniture Refinishing: First, we remove the finish or paint followed by careful sanding to make the wood smooth. After the wood is smooth, we begin the coloring process, this could be a simple wood stain or a complex set of procedures to achieve the desired look. Then the piece is sealed with a wood sealer, and finally several coats of moisture resistant lacquer and then hand rubbed to achieve a silky smooth surface.
  • Modern Furniture Refinishing: The same basic process as Furniture Refinishing except we take your ten to twenty year old furniture and give it the look of the furniture you find in New furniture stores today. The difference is the quality of your existing furniture is most likely higher than what you will find in new furniture.
  • Custom Finishing: The same basic process as refinishing; except we utilize techniques to achieve designer looks you see in magazines showrooms and on t.v. on your furniture.
  • Antique Restoration: This process is implemented when you have an antique that you want cleaned and freshened up and any thing that is damaged repaired. We have the knowledge and experience to maintain the value of your collectable antique. We have restored pieces from Europe and America that are several hundred years old and worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Repairs: We can repair anything that you bring us, from brand new furniture bought right here in Lafayette, pieces handed down from your family, yard sale finds and priceless antiques. We can reglue loose joints, rebuild broken joints and parts, replace missing parts, repair veneer, make chair arms, table leaves, tops or legs, bed rails, cabinet doors or trim, replace missing shelves, hardware,fix drawers, mirror frames, replace backsplashes, missing feet and duplicate trim from your home. You get the idea, we can do it all.
  • House Renovation: If you need a door duplicated, trim or molding made to match original that is missing, we can duplicate the original exactly. If you want a piece made that was never original to the house but needs to look original or if you need to replace a piece that is no longer there, we can do it. If you have a room addition that you want to match the original part of your house we can make whatever you need. The unique service we add to making like original woodwork is our ability to make the grain and color match the patina and grain of old wood. You do not want to hear "that's as close as we can get" We will make it match.
  • Custom Furniture: We work with you, your decorator, designer or architect to design the furniture you need and want. We pay careful attention in the design process to produce what you are looking for, not our interpretation of what you want. Every piece is hand made using a combination of old world craftsmanship with modern tools and techniques. We have crafted full dinning rooms, full bedrooms, flat screen t.v. cabinets, game tables, desks, home theater units, period reproductions, unique shelving, kitchen pieces, and many others. If you can dream it up, we will build it for you.
  • Stripping: If you enjoy doing your own finishing we will remove the finish on any piece you bring us.